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Earl Mitchell and Penny Savage
Sugaring Instructors

Earl Mitchell (Mitch)
Penny Savage

Mitch and Penny operate a small, family run maple business in Bowdoin, Maine. They tap 700 maple trees to make 125-150 gallons of maple syrup each spring. In addition to their maple business, they also grow organic dry beans, oats and vegetables. Mitch’s many times great-grandfather, Jacob Mitchell settled North Yarmouth, Maine in 1727. A family of carpenters, farmers, and fishermen for eleven generations, Mitch worked for a time as a lobsterman and horse logger. Today Mitch and Penny still work to keep the tradition of self-sustainable living alive on their farm.

While they continue to work off the farm, their hearts and dreams are attached firmly to the land: the fields, the gardens and their sugarbush. Their three grown sons, Lars, Caleb and Luke, off pursuing their own dreams, always return each spring to help "sugar". They gather a few pails and help out as best they can and anyone who has ever lugged a full pail of sap fifty feet through three feet of snow knows what a help that can be.


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