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Course description

Animal Husbandry:
Care, feeding, and housing of various types of fowl, pigs, sheep, cattle and horses.

1. AH 101: Introduction to small farm animal populations.
2. AH 102: Fowl: selection, care, feeding, housing, butchering, harvesting, and processing of various types of fowl.
3. AH 103: Swine, Ovine, and Bovine: selection, care, feeding, housing, butchering, harvesting, and processing of various types of pigs, sheep and cattle.
4. AH 104: Draught Equine Studies: selection, care, feeding, and housing of large breed horses, including challenges and skills specific to working with, harnessing and shoeing draft horses.
5. AH 105: Routine Vet Care of Farm Animals and Birds: learning to recognize basic disease processes and treatments (i.e., "when to call the vet, and what to do until she arrives").

Overview of techniques and skills necessary to build traditional and non-traditional structures. Particular focus will be given to the utilization of materials found locally.

1. BU 101: Site/Plot Planning
2. BU 102: Building Design/Layout
3. BU 103: Foundation
4. BU 104: Floor and Wall Framing/Sheathing
5. BU 105: Roof Framing/Sheathing
6. BU 106: Roofing/Siding Materials and Application
7. BU 107: Insulation/Wiring/Plumbing
8. BU 108: Interior Wall/Ceiling Finishes and Application
9. BU 109: Cabinetry/Trim Materials and Application
10. BU 110: Flooring

The curriculum will be determined based on types of building needed by Stone Soup Institute (1st several years).

Fiber and Textiles:
Basics of spinning from selection of fleece to finished yarn, basics of weaving from selection of yarn to finished yardage or garment.

1. FT 101: Spinning Basics: fleece selection and preparation and spinning of single and two-ply yarn.
2. FT 102: Introduction to Weaving: including selecting yarns, dressing a loom and weaving simple yardage.
3. FT 103: Spin Specialty Fibers (angora, flax): student choice and exploration
4. FT 104: Planning, designing, and weaving yardage of choice
5. FT 105: Dyeing with natural sources

Gardening and Crops:
Selections of seeds, ground preparation, garden and crop maintenance to maintain farm population.

1. GC 101: Planning garden, seed selection and purchase, and ground preparation particular to Harpswell, ME, utilizing Draft Horses
2. GC 102: Planting, transplanting, and early crop/garden maintenance
3. GC 103: Growing and care of garden/crop
4. GC 104: Harvesting, seed saving, cover cropping, and processing garden products/crops utilizing draft horses where needed.
5. GC 105: Food processing (canning, freezing, dehydrating, etc.)

Marketing and Accounting: financial considerations of maintaining and living off small farm production. Includes reviewing overall farm viability with special focus on specific areas (BU, AH, FT, etc.) as cost centers.

MA 101: Basic skills of accounting, assessing profit/loss and decision making.

Recognition of basic tree types, maintenance of woodlot for fuel and building material use, evaluate woodlot for growth and health, basics of firewood harvest and storage, use and maintenance of traditional and modern logging equipment, and utilization of draft horses.

1. SI 101: Identification of tree types, parts and respective uses in various types of woodlots
2. SI 102: Woodlot for Fuel Source: Cutting, splitting and storage of firewood
3. SI 103: Woodlot for Building Materials: framing and sheathing lumber, furniture lumber, grading and scaling.
4. SI 104: Use and maintenance of traditional and modern logging equipment, including sawmills
5. SI 105: Use of Draft Horses as mode of power on the woodlot



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